If you’ve landed here looking for “Advertising in Blackpool” please click here for the relevant page. This page pertains to advertising your local business in Blackpool Community Chat.

This offer has recently been updated – please email Go@BPLAPP.co.uk if you would like to speak to someone about advertising in the group.

Blackpool community chat is an active local Facebook group with 36,000 members. Local people use the group regularly for recommendations – posting about local issues and some local businesses use the group for advertising. In order to join the group as an advertiser you must fill in the form below to apply and once we’ve received a verified payment from your apple or android pay account – we will pre approve your local business to post twice a week in the group.

What we’re offering (New offer for December 2023)

In order to keep the quality of the group posts top notch and relevant – we have been running a registration system for legitimate local businesses to become pre-approved to post in the group twice a week for a modest bi-annual fee. 

Due to the sheer quantity of business post requests in Blackpool Community Chat we have introduced a – £60 for 6 months – admin fee so that local business pages can have their posts pre approved and can post twice a week in Blackpool Community Chat at whatever time they choose to. This will help ease the burden of administrating the group for our admin team and allows local businesses the chance to post when they are able to reply to the comments their post generates.

The registration and subsequent payment using apple pay / credit card ensures that we know who we are dealing with in the group and we can have some confidence that they aren’t going to abuse the pre-approval to post in the group or post anything that is illegal, immoral or against the rules of FB / Groups / The UK.
It also helps to protect members somewhat from scammers and “bad actors” using the group to find unwitting victims.

We will also include your business in posts on our Blackpool Community Chat Facebook Page.

What We Want

In order to join this advertising scheme – we require some relevant info and payment of the £60 Bi-annual admin fee.

Advertisers will agree to our terms of service, posting ads or friendly & helpful content no more than twice per week and will adhere to Facebook’s community guidelines and terms of service as you would normally do.

The basic info we require from you

PRIVATE INFO for our use only

  • Name
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone Number
  • Company Name

Admin Payment of £60 for 6 months via text message link to your mobile number

Once you’ve submitted the form on this website – we will text you with a link to pay the 6 month admin fee.

One of our admin team may also text you from our mobile number before this happens just so you know it’s from us.

We may also follow up with further texts or calls if payment fails for whatever reason.

Once we have received confirmation of your payment please allow up to 24 hours for your pre-approval to be facilitated. 

Apply for pre approval in Blackpool Community Chat Here

    This offer has recently been updated – please email Go@BPLAPP.co.uk if you would like to speak to someone about advertising in the group.

    If you encounter any issues please email us directly at Go@BPLAPP.co.uk or call or text 07562 269 826

    We will email you in the days afterwards to find out some more info for your listing on our website for publishing content about your business on our online directories.

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