Small business options for Advertising in Blackpool can be confusing and often misleading. On the one hand we’ve an entire industry focussed on tourism competing for all the relevant keywords relating to Blackpool and pushing up the price of traditional news and advertising providers – but we find that many of the smaller local businesses are looking for direction and advice on where and how to spend money on advertising in Blackpool to reach local people all year round.

Now marketing is usually the foundation of any new or small business and ideally you will have a defined ideal customer profile and strategies in place to entice them to your brand. If you’ve not got a marketing plan or need help updating yours we are well placed to assist you with consultation and in managing all aspects of advertising, publicity and Promotion online and in the real world.

Digital Advertising to locals in Blackpool

We’ve spent the last 8 years working out what’s going to get local people in Blackpool engaging with content online. We’ve built a following of over 100k locals across pages and groups we manage online and spent 2 years working with a national news company as an approved supplier for news and media. Whether you need new words writing for your website content or blog posts, pictures or graphics for advertising, long or short videos for use online – we know what kind of content our local audience will go for relating to different subject matter and local affairs.

Until now we’ve mainly focused on growing our pages on Facebook and getting a foundation set on other digital assets online including websites, video channels, Facebook and Instagram profiles and other social media profiles and pages too.

In order to help us create new engaging content for our existing audience – we’re offering advertising space in 25 articles we intend to publish each week on our 4 websites. The BPL Bible – Blackpool LAD – Blackpool NEWS – Blackpool Community Chat. All websites are currently in review whilst we develop this new business model.

What to expect

Starting at £20 per week we will create a picture based advert for your business – to be used in 1 article on 4 different websites each week.

Each article will be different but will all have 4 advertising positions therein and you will be placed with 3 other businesses who will all help to meet the cost of creating the content and publishing it to our online followers.

New artwork can be created at £10 per request at any time and you may pay for a selection to be created and rotated in the ad positions you pay for.

We will handle the publicity of the articles using our network of pages and groups – recent tests have delivered our content consistently to over 1000 readers just from a single share on one of our assets at random times of the day and night. 2 of our facebook pages will soon be applying for news outlet status meaning our website articles will organically reach more people as we operate 2 trusted news sources.

We cater for all budgets

This is an entry level style package for small local businesses. We can tailor packages to suit specific Budgets and have many more advertising opportunities and services available.

For more info please call 07562 269 826 to speak to one of our team about specific requirements.

If you’re happy to start your advertising journey with our £20 per week deal use the form below to give us some details about you and you will be directed to a payment page using Square pay’s online portal for your first £20 instalment to get you going.

After your 4th week we will create a profile page on each of our websites for your business that will include links to all your online and social resources.

Other products and services

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