Photos and videos are an integral part of any marketing mix. You might have some images or video from a phone or maybe even a small digital camera. These can work perfectly on social media and can even be edited and adapted for further purposes but there are limitations to just using phones. Having someone there with their own equipment and knowledge of how to use it properly can mean the difference between a good social media video and a GREAT social media video.

Generally speaking – mobile phone cameras are good enough to cover most photo requirements these days – but there’s still a need for freelance photographers and videographers. Just like You are good at what You do because You do it day in day out – photographers and videographers feel the same way about what they do. Hiring someone from us can mean a photo that gets seen by your followers versus a photo that could be seen by EVERYONE..

Images and video make great visual marketing tools to help people see what you do what you’re about and how you do what you do. Going the extra step by venturing onto video can seem daunting to many businesses but it can help to transform the businesses online persona depending on how you deploy your media.

We are uniquely placed to help you find the best talent to help you get your chosen project over the finish line and onto the space you want it on.

We will asses your needs on our initial consultation call and will recommend the best local asset we have based on your needs and your budget.

Photographers start from £45 per hour. Video starts from £75 per hour or fixed price projects based on your requirements. Post editing is included in most project unless other effects might be required.

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