This is where We’ve really cut our teeth.

We’ve curated a local following based around local interest posts – contemporary memes and humour interspersed with local news and content.

This has helped us to stay relevant and current, building a following of over 85,000 people who identify with Blackpool in some way or another. In a group controlled by us we have 27,000 members. These are just our main publicity assets – we do have more growing daily.

Leveraging all the tools available from live-streaming all the way to simple text posts – we’ve learned the best and most efficient way to speak directly to our audience about certain topics issues and indeed offers from local businesses.

We are prepared to offer our services with all we’ve learned so far – to help build and grow your local following on your own social media accounts using our following as a springboard as we’ve done with so many other partner businesses during our 8 years of trial and error.

Our base level package costs £25 per week.

This includes 3 posts per week on your social media pages complimented by 2 shares of your media on our main FB outlets. We create the posts using images you provide us with and we create it in a way that will give your message the best possible chance with ours and Your audience. You will remain responsible for fielding your own messages but where possible we will reply to comments on posts we’ve created.

Our posts will use photos you provide us with to create new images that will work well on social media. Wherever possible we like to promote the SOCIAL in social media and we find that posting about current and relevant things is kind of expected of in this day and age. Look at the style Aldi’s social media team have adopted recently and how effective it’s been.

If you want your social media presence to look extremely busy that’s fine by us. The more posts you want us to create each week – the more we will require in your weekly budget. Posting twice a day on your social media account will cost in the region of £60 per week. Each client has different requirements and we price your budget accordingly.

Online persona

If you’re confident in front of a camera – that’s great news for your business.

Your online business presence needs some form of persona. If you’re not confident – we can still create rapport with your audience in other tried and tested ways.

You may wish to compliment this package with a photoshoot with one of our photographers. This can be arranged at additional cost and we have a range of photographers to choose from depending on the style you’re looking for in your images.

Get started now

If you want us to take away the responsibility of posting regularly on your social media – allowing you to still post when you want to about what you want to – email or call us today to discuss your requirements.

Call 07562 269 826 or