About Us

Our Story

Almost 8 years ago

An idea began to bring people from in their homes out into the streets of Blackpool once again. It was clear working on weekly promotions for a Nightclub that footfall was down in the town and someone needed to do something to reach the people of Blackpool – in their homes. The first Brand was born – The BPL Bible and now nearly 80,000 followers strong it’s got MASSIVE local reach.
Following that we’ve created a suite of complimentary brands pages and websites to offer MORE to local readers without bombarding them with gaudy online advertising.

We are driven by values

We know as well as anyone that Blackpool can be boom or bust for many businesses. Traditional local advertisers have heavy overheads to cover and are losing money from their audiences FAST.

Having relatively low overheads ourselves and a massive local reach – we are able to turn the tide in favour of the lower budget clients who have struggled to compete for big price-tag positions and promotions.

Super Efficient

We’ve learned to be really efficient with our time so we won’t waste any of yours.

Deeply Committed

Building these brands has been a labour of love and there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Highly Skilled

We’ve honed the ability to speak directly to our audience in a way they receive well and we want to share that experience with your brand.

If we could afford a team of designers in house – they’d probably look a little like this. But alas we’re still freelancers working mainly from home to keep overheads down.

Will Ritchie


George Fisher


Ali Ritchie

Legal Director