This page contains the terms and conditions that advertisers must agree to before posting their first advert after being approved to join Blackpool Community Chat.

These are to run alongside our groups standard rules which all profiles and pages agree to upon entering the group.

Fair Use

A breach of this rule will result in one warning.  After a first warning, you will be required to await admin approval for all further posts for the rest of your remaining annual membership.

  • All advertisers are limited to two advertising posts per week

Conditions of Membership

Any breach of the following conditions will result in termination of membership at admin discretion.  Membership fee will not be refunded

  • No cold calling or private messaging by any business unless at the specific request of a Blackpool Community Chat member.  
  • Advertisers are only permitted to sell the items or services listed in the original membership application.  Any changes to this can be submitted for review to be approved by an admin.
  • No paid for raffles or competitions and no gofundme style adverts.
  • All advertisers MUST take responsibility for ensuring that they are in compliance with UK law and be prepared to produce evidence of this at the request of any Blackpool Community Chat member.  
  • You MUST fulfill any commitment that you make to provide a product or service and this must be done to a satisfactory standard.
  • No selling that will cause breach of Facebook Community Standards, for example selling animals or tobacco products
  • We reserve the right to stop accepting new business memberships if we feel that advertising posts are affecting the quality of the chat within our group.
  • We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions if necessary.  We will let our business members know of any changes.

Blackpool Community Chat accepts no responsibility for the services and products offered by our advertisers and any problems should be resolved directly with the business member.

Blackpool Community Chat members who wish to report a breach of these terms can do so whilst retaining anonymity by messaging an admin at any time.

Our team will not act as arbitrators of disputes between Group Members and Advertisers.

By paying the subscription fee and posting in the group the advertiser accepts the terms of this agreement in conjunction with the existing group rules.